Sunday, 13 May 2012

Not Just the Cute and Fluffy

Beaten with a hammer for 2 hours.   Skinned alive and left to die. These are some of the fates of creatures blessed with unique skin – reptiles.

These animals suffer just the same misery as the “cute” ones but get less press. Why? Who knows? Maybe in a looks obsessed world people don’t care if the “ugly” suffer or maybe exotic leather (skin) is seen more socially acceptable. Whichever reason is true we need to look at this trade with the same disgust we do fur – no animal should die for human vanity.

Snakes are often nailed to a tree and skinned alive before just being thrown on to a pile to die – which can take days. They die of shock and dehydration. Pythons are filled with water to make the skinning process easier. Alligators are beaten to death with hammer – which can take two hours. Is the suffering worth it for a pair of shoes, or a watch strap?

Maybe these animals are ugly, maybe they are cold blooded but if you’re wearing their skin so are you.

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